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About Us
The Story
Located in Northern California just south of San Francisco, MattyLou's is headed by Matt Lyles (nicknamed MattyLou by a close friend over 20 years ago). Matt is a dynamic, sports enthusiast with a curiosity for healthy living and a passion for the great outdoors.
For more than a decade, Matt dedicated his life to professional volleyball, both indoor and outdoor.  His routine tournaments became a regular event that required stamina and healthful choices.  Volleyball led to other sports—including snowboarding, surfing and wake surfing—giving Matt the impetus to keep mindful of the harmful elements around him and how it impacted our environment. 
Although Matt’s journey to the world of organic skin products was initially inspired by his active lifestyle, but it was his first wifes' lengthy battle with breast cancer that stirred his suspicions about the connection between toxins and disease.  For over a year, Matt joined her in the quest for data leading to cancer-causing substances—skin products came up again and again.  When breast cancer finally won over, Matt vowed he’d continue on the path of wellness.  
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
From that point on, organic skin care became a priority in the Lyles household; however, from retail stores to online sources, the majority of products available contained harmful ingredients—with some of them bearing false labels.  In fact, there wasn’t a single online source that offered a good selection of men’s natural skin care products and certified organic by the USDA.  Hence, MattyLou's was born. 
Matt took the years of data he had accumulated and used it to decide which companies’ products to sell.  MattyLou's does not create or manufacture any of the products on this website, but rather makes them available for you in one, convenient location.  From the most natural to the most reputable, only quality skin care products that are Natural and USDA Certified Organic are sold.   
Future Plans      

“Green” is the buzzword these days and MattyLou's is on board.  Gradually moving to a greener lifestyle, incorporating all natural, organic products, helps us reduce the carbon footprint and leave a better world for our offspring.  Join us in the mission to improve your wellness with organic skin care products.